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Terms of delivery and payment

Products, product prices and shipping charges

E-commerce prices apply only to products sold at the online store, as well as the costs associated with shipping the products. Store prices and shipping costs may differ from online store prices. Product prices are given in connection with product demonstrations. Prices include 24% VAT. The tax item is shown in the shopping cart and the order confirmation.

Option for payments

Banks’ manual payments, From Paypal; Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron card payments as well as invoice and installment options also for consumers.

Service charge and shipping

Our packing and shipping cost of 15 € / shipment will be automatically added to the order total., also free shipping items are informed. Shipping charges apply only to products purchased through the online store, and do not apply to in-store, email or phone orders. Shipping will be handled by Finnish postal and logistic service Posti Oy

Product return in the case of warranty issues

The product to be returned, must be carefully packed to ensure it is not damaged. If the product is damaged or lost on return, you will forfeit any right to a refund of the product. The package to be returned must contain the RETURN FORM supplied with the shipment itself. Every Pookwatches store is valitaded to get your returns in the case of warranty issues , this is allways a method that you need to discuss of the store owner. 


If the return was correctly made in case of warranty, repairing time is 10-60 days, depends on the case.


You can`t add more product in compare